Kreutzer, Ralf T./Land, K.-H.: Digital Darwinism – Branding and Business Models in Jeopardy, New York, 2015

The first work of the team Kreutzer/Land is also available in English. In Digital Darwinism – Branding and Business Models in Jeopardy the basic principles of digitalization and the impact on business and society are described in detail. The relevant fields of action of the companies become visible. The authors motivate the readers with Think Boxes to analyze the content and to look for Quick Wins for their own businesses.

Fields of Action for the Survival of Digital Darwinism

Digital Darwinism takes its toll when technology and society change so quickly that the changeability of companies cannot keep pace. The consequences of this read-out process are illustrated dramatically in the work. In addition, the following key challenges and areas of action are discussed:

  • Digital Darwinism and the social revolution
  • Big data and technology as the driver of the information revolution
  • Marketing as ROI driver
  • Trust – the new currency in marketing and management
  • Social CRM – the new rules in the customer management
  • Development from marketing to service – Internet of Services
  • Need for digital transformation

A variety of images illustrate the exciting content.

Publisher: Springer