Basically, it is always the connection with people which gives value to life.

William of Humboldt

Keynote-Speaker at Alternus Zukunftswerkstatt (Hamburg)

Prof. Kreutzer has been working for five years as a keynote speaker with the Alternus Zukunftswerkstatt in Hamburg. During the kick-off events of the Zukunftswerkstatt as well as with dinner speeches, Prof. Kreutzer is able to convey valuable thoughts for his own entrepreneurial activity to his audience. The main focus here is digital Darwinism, change-management, digital transformation as well as management and organizational concepts in the digital age.

Exciting discussions at a high level

The participants discussed intensively the following topics:

  • Digital Darwinism
  • Change-management
  • Digital transformation
  • Management and organizational concepts in the digital age

The discussions were always very helpful to trigger own change processes.


MBA classes at Berlin Professional School/Institute of Management, Berlin

Prof. Kreutzer has been teaching MBA classes regularly at the Berlin Professional School for 10 years, in marketing principles as well as in strategic and international marketing. The majority of the lectures are held in English.

Practical lessons with high interactivity

Through his comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge, Prof. Kreutzer is able to attract  MBA students for marketing and to convey important content in an application-oriented manner. The outstanding positive results of the evaluations by the students should the quality of his lectures.


Marketing Trainer for the Rid Foundation, Munich

Prof. Kreutzer has been running training and coaching events for owners and employees of the Bavarian retail trade since 2011 as part of the Rid Foundation. In his events, he teaches retailers about the latest developments in marketing in order to be successful in an increasingly difficult environment. In addition to the necessary marketing principles, a focus is on dialogue marketing and CRM. Moreover, the content of online marketing and social media marketing, as taught by Prof. Kreutzer, is particularly important.

High practice relevance of marketing for retailers

The regular surveys show that the participants are enthusiastic about his way of communicating. Not only does he address the individual questions of the participants, but he also provides the retailer with a complex and comprehensible knowledge. Through his very successful concrete support, he provides an ideal link between science and practice. In this way creative solutions can be created which can be implemented immediately.


Master courses at Donau-University Krems

Prof. Kreutzer teaches dialogue marketing and strategic online marketing in the master classes of online media marketing at the Donau-University Krems. In the lecture on dialogue marketing, the various concepts of dialog-oriented customer acquisition, customer retention and customer recovery are discussed. Their integration into the CRM concept is focused, too (including data management). The lecture Strategic Online Marketing addresses the challenges of digitization and shows how online and social media marketing is to be aligned. The topics covered range from search engine optimization and search engine advertising through e-mail and mobile marketing to the possibilities and limitations of social media marketing.

Very good recording of the lectures by the Master students of the Donau-University Krems

The interviews of the participants show that Prof. Kreutzer succeeds to use a practice-relevant form of knowledge transfer. In this way, important impulses are regularly communicated which can be implemented directly in practice.