Ihr persönlicher "Accelerator for Success"

Professor Kreutzer is intensively concerned with current topics in marketing and management. These include:

  • Digital transformation: How best to exploit the possibilities of the digital age!
  • Agile management: How can speed and customer orientation be integrated into internal company processes?
  • Artificial intelligence: Which fields of action open up here and how can an internal AI-journey be designed to deal as early and comprehensively as possible with the fields of application of artificial intelligence?
  • Digital brand management: How can the additional possibilities of online media be integrated into holistic brand management – both online and offline?
  • CRM/customer relationship management: How can the proven concepts, instruments and methods of CRM also be made accessible to online companies?
  • Recording digital maturity: How can companies systematically determine in which areas of the company what degree of digital maturity has already been achieved?
  • Online marketing: What are proven and innovative concepts and procedures to increase one’s own digital visibility?
  • Digital business leadership: Which measures can be used systematically to achieve a digital leadership position?
  • Innovation engine: How can an innovation engine be set up parallel to the performance engine to increase the speed of innovation processes?
  • Time-to-value: How can traditional time-to-market thinking be replaced by time-to-value thinking?
  • Customer value analyses: How can companies systematically record the value customers generate for their own company?