Only the one who knows his goal will find the path.


Keynote speaker – in Germany and abroad

Prof. Kreutzer gave more than 200 keynotes at national and international conferences. He also keynotes at events of national and international companies. With his keynotes and presentations he covers a lot of different marketing and management topics< Learn more >

Keynote topics

Prof. Kreutzer covers in his keynotes all the relevant topics of marketing and management. Here just a few topics: digital Darwinism, digital transformation, organization and management in the digital age, artificial intelligence, change management, CRM and the Internet of Things, digital opinion leader, digital branding, dialogue marketing and customer journeys, value-based customer management, web-marketing and social media, marketing as a service, Social Media, SEM, SEO, Online-Marketing, Mobile Marketing, customer retention programs etc.

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Workshop moderator

Prof. Kreutzer could also be engaged for the moderation of workshop, creative sessions and other company events. He also uses the world café format to inspire creative processes in companies. He is always a well-prepare, very creative and inspiring business partner.

Tailored content for maximal impact

Prof. Kreutzer adjusts the content to the expectations of the client and the target group. He always asks: „If tomorrow were Christmas – which content items would you put on your wishlist?“ By doing so a maximal relevance and a long-lasting impact on the audience is achieved!

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