Prof. Kreutzer is a regular keynote speaker at national and international conferences. One focus of the keynotes is on current marketing topics as well as on the digital transformation. Digitization affects every company, industry and country. The effects of digital transformation come at different times and in different intensities… < Learn more >


Mr. Kreutzer has been a professor for marketing at the Berlin School of Economics and Law since 2005. Since then, he has been involved in the teaching of Bachelor, Master and MBA students. His lectures, which are regularly rated with top marks, cover the topics marketing basics, dialogue marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, digital business and strategic and international marketing… < Learn more >


Prof. Kreutzer is working as a trainer, coach and consultant in parallel to his work at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. This is the bridge between theory/science and practice – for the benefit of all concerned. Companies are given impetus to meet the challenging tasks of the digital age – and the students are taught by an experienced specialist… < Learn more >


Interesting news from Prof. Kreutzer are posted here… < Learn more >