Satisfaction is the philosopher’s stone, that turns all it touches into gold.

Benjamin Franklin

Keynote speaker in Marketing and Management – national and international

Professor Kreutzer is a brilliant keynote speaker at national and international conferences. He combines business science and practical experiences in a perfect way. This makes him an inspiring and engaging keynote speaker. He covers topics like digital Darwinism, digital transformation, change-management, Industry 4.0/Business 4.0, social-media marketing, digital branding, online marketing, dialogue marketing and CRM. > Learn more <

Inspiration and creative food for thought to master the digital transformation

A special emphasis of his keynote is the digital transformation. Digitization challenges every company, every industry and every country. Sooner or later – and with different intensity. We have to consider: Each company has to manage the digital transformation and the change-management which goes hand-in-hand. These topics are also addressed in the form of dinner speeches> Get in touch <

Digital transformation changes management and marketing

The digital transformation has a strong impact on leadership, management and organization. Keywords like empowered teams, network-organization and concepts of lean start-ups define the tasks. Dialogue marketing, online marketing, digital branding and CRM have to cope with the new challenges of the digital age.