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Research focus in marketing and management

Prof. Kreutzer is a very active researcher in marketing and management. By combining the perspective of marketing and management he contributes to overcome the information silos. You can´t find convincing solutions in the digital age without the removal of these information silos. Prof. Kreutzer documents the research results in a significant number of publications. He also presents his findings in keynote speeches and presentations.

Publications and presentations – based on intensive research

Prof. Kreutzer publishes his research results on a regular basis. < Learn more > In addition he gives presentations about his research results at national and international conferences and at universities in Germany and abroad.

Here is a choice of his latest presentations:

  • “Digital Branding”, Symposium Omnichannel Exzellenz, Brand & Retail Management Institute @ ISM, Köln
  • “Digitaler Darwinismus und die Notwendigkeit einer digitalen Transformation”, FIS Innovationstag, Schweinfurt
  • “Erfolgsfaktor CRM – Die Rolle der IT im digitalen Zeitalter”, FIS Innovationstag, Schweinfurt
  • “Digitaler Darwinismus”, FHWS, Prof. Dr. Karten Kilian, Würzburg
  • “Digitalisierung in der Produktion”, Volkswagen Universität, Wolfsburg
  • „Führungs- und Organisationskonzepte im digitalen Zeitalter als Grundlage eines erfolgreichen (Dialog-)Marketings”, Kassel
  • „Führungs- und Organisations-Konzepte im digitalen Zeitalter”, HWR, Berlin
  • „Strategisches Online-Marketing“, Donau-Universität Krems
  • „Dialog-Marketing“, Donau-Universität Krems
  • „Marketing vor neuen Herausforderungen“, Tagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Marketing, HWR, Berlin
  • „Herausforderungen für Unternehmen in Zeiten des digitalen Darwinismus“, ISM-Symposium, Fachhochschule Dortmund
  • „Digitaler Darwinismus und digitale Transformation”, Digital Science Match, Berlin
  • „Dialog-Kommunikation im digitalen Zeitalter”, 10. Wissenschaftlicher interdisziplinärer Kongress für Dialogmarketing, Fulda
  • „Digitale Markenführung – Dialogmarketing vor neuen Herausforderungen”, 9. Wissenschaftlicher interdisziplinärer Kongress für Dialogmarketing, Mainz
  • „Herausforderung des Dialogmarketings“, 3. Deutscher Direktmarketing Kongress, Wiesbaden
  • „Trends, Diskussionen und Perspektiven im Direktmarketing“, 2. Deutscher Direktmarketing Kongress, Wiesbaden
  • „Global Marketing Strategy of one of the World´s Leader in Printing Technology – Heidelberger Druckmaschinen“, Otaru-University, Otaru, Japan
  • „Value-oriented Customer Management”, FINEC-University, St. Petersburg, Russland
  • „Digitaler Darwinismus und digitale Transformation”, HWR, Berlin
  • „Digital Darwinism and the Need for a Digital Transformation“, 4th Annual International Conference on Business Strategy and Organizational Behavior, Singapur

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Workshops with Customers

Prof. Kreutzer also conducts company-specific workshops with customers in order to gain exciting customer insights. In this way, interesting input for the further development of marketing can be gained again.

Teaching on Bachelor-, Master- and MBA-Level

Prof. Kreutzer teaches on Bachelor-, Master- und MBA-Level. He covers the following topics – mostly in English:

  • Marketing principles
  • Strategic marketing and marketing control
  • Dialogue marketing, direct marketing
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Online marketing
  • International marketing
  • Digital business, digital Darwinism
  • Digital transformation, change management
  • Digital branding

For more than 10 years Prof. Kreutzer has been the course director of the English-speaking master-program International Marketing Management. Under his guidance this program has become a real brand among the different master programs.