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Giacomo Graf Leopardi

Professor of Marketing at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL)

Ralf T. Kreutzer was appointed Professor of Marketing at Berlin School of Ecnonomics and Law in 2005. He teaches bachelor-, master- and MBA-students in marketing and management. He prepares them to master challenges in the business world. Prof. Kreutzer is course director of the master-program International Marketing Management. He sees himself as coach for his students who challenges and supports them in their personal growth process.

Master’s Programme International Marketing Management, Berlin School of Economics and Law

In July 2018 the lectures of the Master’s program International Marketing Management ended with a great joint breakfast in Berlin. The lectures are over; now, after the summer break, students can either look forward to exciting internships and stays abroad – or write their master’s thesis.

Study Visit with the master’s program at MyToys, Berlin

A study visit led the Master program International Marketing Management to MyToys in Berlin. It was particularly exciting that in addition to marketing director Ulrich Hauschild, two former graduates of this degree program, Theresia Fleischer and Marc Schmidt, designed the content of this company visit. It was nice to see that these graduates not only had extensive technical responsibility, but also assumed responsibility for personnel.

Theresia Fleischer and Marc Schmidt, MyToys, graduates of the Master International Marketing Management, Berlin School of Economics and Law, with Professor Kreutzer

Study visit at MyToys, Master Program International Marketing Management, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Professor Kreutzer

Practice-oriented search and teaching at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL)

Prof. Kreutzer combines the world of business and the world of research and teaching in a perfect way . Based on his strong business experience and business links he is able to discuss with the students the up-to-date topics on a high level. Besides topics like digital transformation and change-management, he also covers the topics of dialogue marketing, online marketing, social-media marketing, branding and CRM in the digital world. Here he is interested in additional business contacts. > Get in touch <

Intensive link between science and business

Prof. Kreutzer founded the Marketing Form at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Speakers present business cases and discuss their findings with the audience. Business tasks are solved by students to achieve a high level of employability. During this process students learn that they can solve real problems of companies successfully. If you are interested in this kind of cooperation: > Get in touch <